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Vu TelePresence® Pro is a video conferencing solution for home offices, small offices, home based professionals and executives. Vu TelePresence Pro is designed to utilize low and inexpensive bandwidth without sacrificing audio and video quality.

Vu TelePresence® Pro enables organizations to conduct important meetings across the country or continents with crystal clear image quality and performance. This helps organizations to cut cost by optimizing their travel to offices which do not require their physical presence of human resources. Organizations can avoid delays or canceled flights and also save time by having the Vu TelePresence® Pro video conferencing solution. This helps increased productivity and profitability of teams working in unison around the globe. 

vu_telepresence_proVu TelePresence Pro 720p

The Vu TelePresence Pro 720p is a solution designed for telepresence conferences between as many as 5 locations. The system incorporates software drivers to enable 1 or 2 screens, includes a PTZ camera, microphone, speakers and a codec server. Customers supply their own large-format flat screen TV. The Pro is ideal for home offices, individual practices, conference rooms, remote workers, and the executive suite.


  • Media Control Unit
  • 720p PTZ HD camera
  • Vu Speaker Tube and Microphone
  • Wireless/Wired Keyboard and Mouse
  • Supports Additional VGA Monitor
  • Support for 2 Additional Displays
  • 3 years of warranty and support

Vu TelePresence Pro 720p features:

High quality experience - All Vu TelePresence systems incorporate industry standard H.264 video compression technologies with forward error correction and matrix-based color space conversion to reduce external noise, image pixilation and other presentation defects and otherwise assure a very high quality visual experience at 1080p and 720p. The company also prides itself on delivering excellent audio quality through the supplied microphones and speakers (client may also utilize audio through their displays).

 Simple and reliable UI for control and system operation - With the power of an instant messaging directory metaphor - available users and units are shown in a list window; users simply click to activate a session - and with a wireless keyboard and mouse instead of an unreliable and awkward infrared controller wand, users are assured of always-on reliable and intuitive control of their telepresence sessions.

 Advanced applications - Every unit ships with built in support for advanced features that are typically priced as extras including multi-party conferencing, screen sharing which also works as a web conferencing service, session recording and archival storage of telepresence recordings.

 Efficient bandwidth utilization - leverage a proprietary technology for rate balancing, matrix based color space conversion and advanced forward error correction the Vu Telepresence systems are able to deliver surprisingly excellent quality at 700 kbps or less.

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