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    Asia Number 1 Remote Support Solution Provider

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Support PCs and Macs over the Internet, saving time and money!

RemoteCall lets you instantly connect with and support your remote clients from anywhere in the world. Connect to a colleague’s PC or customer’s Macbook and control their computer in real-time. RemoteCall offers instant web-based video and voice chatting, as well as an interactive whiteboard for simple collaboration. Remotecall can also be used for maintaining internal office PCs and holding screen sharing presentations.

RemoteCall helps to reduce unnecessary on-site visits, business trips and the overall cost of customer management. Increase customer satisfaction, and your company’s competitiveness with one solution!

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Using a remote support service will save your company time and money as well as increase your overall customer satisfaction. This is why RemoteCall is known for having one of the highest ROIs in the IT industry. Stay ahead of the competition.

You will also be contributing to the green initiative by using environmentally friendly business solutions like RemoteCall. See Carbonless Support for more information on our green initiative.




Unnecessary business trips

One-call resolution rates

Cost per support call

Support efficiency

Support time

Customer satisfaction

Support requests

Who else uses RemoteCall?

RemoteCall is used by many different industries around the world for:

  • Remote Client Support

RemoteCall is the ideal solution for IT helpdesks, PC manufacturers, outsourced IT providers, and software vendors who need to support their clients remotely.

  • Remote PC Maintenance

Effectively support and maintain all of your remote systems (internal or external) from a central location.

  • Remote Presentations

Collaborate on documents, CAD drawings, and graphic images in real-time. View remote desktops or invite others to view yours.

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