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Ultra-High Performance Ethernet Networking for a Broad Range of Applications

Myricom 10-gigabit Ethernet network adapters have extremely low latency, high bandwidth, and low CPU overhead

Providing Extreme Networking Performance

Since its founding in 1994, Myricom has been at the forefront of high performance networking, originally for supercomputers. Today Myri-10G Extreme Performance Ethernet network adapters remain at the leading edge, with low latency and low CPU overhead for environments with extreme performance requirements.

Ethernet Network Adapters Work with Your Current Infrastructure

Not only is Ethernet the de facto standard for general connectivity, but it is rapidly becoming the network of choice in high performance environments. 10-Gigabit Ethernet allows you to take advantage of our extreme performance without running parallel networks or investing in exotic new technologies.

Adaptability through Software Upgrades

The secret to Myricom’s performance is elegant hardware implementations coupled with thin software layers of firmware and device drivers that have been extensively optimized for maximum performance. The latest updates as well as new features and capabilities are easily implemented through software upgrades. This approach lets us provide greater adaptability for customers, keeping them at the leading edge of performance without having to swap out hardware.

Enables a Broad Range of Applications

Myri-10G network adapters are ideal for a variety of industries and applications with high performance requirements, including:

  • Financial trading. Cutting-edge latencies enable fast transaction execution with rapid time to deployment
  • Cybersecurity. Line rate, zero loss packet sniffing and injection technology used in government security applications and incorporated into cybersecurity appliances
  • Video streaming. Dramatically increases the number of video streams, while maintaining Quality of Experience, enabling service providers to scale capacity with lower infrastructure investment and operating costs
  • High Performance Computing. High performance latency, bandwidth, and low CPU overhead from one of the pioneers in HPC networking
  • Virtualization. Alleviate the I/O bottleneck associated with virtualization, enabling optimization of the overall computing environment
  • Industrial Imaging. Enabling Extreme Performance Machine Vision Applications
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