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Telular SX7T: Fixed GSM Wireless Telephone

Accessing voice and data applications everywhere is no longer a requirement but rather a necessity in today’s fast-paced environment. Businesses and consumers are looking for cost-effective and reliable ways to stay connected to the services and tools they need to succeed. The ability to access the wireless world while being mobile or in remote locations is key to increasing productivity, business continuity, scalability and safety.

Telular’s line of feature-rich, flexible terminals provides a cost-efficient means of going wireless without loosing functionality by cutting the cord. These solutions bridge or extend the physical range of analog phones and digital communications without disrupting the user's daily routine or requiring heavy investment in new network infrastructure.

Using Telular’s patented wireless technology, these terminals allow voice and data transmissions to seamlessly connect a customers’ existing communications network with modern cellular service plans.

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Telular’s solutions address the requirements of a wide variety of users:

In the instance of remote and temporary offices, Telular brings the dial tone back along with Internet access, enabling the transmission of voice and data over a single wireless network.

For public safety users, where stable and reliable communication connectivity is critical for mobile offices during an emergency, a 3G terminal can be installed in an ambulance or other security vehicle, allowing for the transmission of voice and data over the cellular network.

Small and home based businesses are constantly looking for ways to preserve their competitive edge by remaining flexible and agile. These terminals serve as a cost-effective and easy to set up alternative to upgrading or replacing equipment. The terminals are portable so they are not limited to one location and they also serve as backup in case of a power outage ensuring seamless business continuity.

For recreational users, such as RV travelers, who want to stay connected to find the cheapest gasoline in a new area, mobile wireless is an essential money-saving tool. Telular’s terminals allow travelers to be on-line blogging, chatting, researching and making phone calls, anywhere.

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